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Scientific Themes

  • The impact of climate change on: sea level, bio-resources, bio-diversity, marine invasive species,  ecology and food web: past, present and future.

  • Climate and hydro-meteorological features of the basin.

  • International cooperation, socio-economical development, Industry and energy-food, water-ecosystem nexus and the state of fishes and fisherie in the Caspian region.

  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the Caspian Sea.

  • Geology, geomorphology and paleogeography.

  • Marine geophysics, seismology, seismic hazard assessment

  • The application of remote sensing and GIS on investigation of modern climatic trends

  • Archeology and paleoarcheology of the Caspian region

  • Sustainable development, disaster and risks of the Caspian Sea Region.

  • Changing ecosystem health of Caspian Sea under multiple stressors

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